Volunteer Opportunities:

 Each team of 8-10 players divided according to age, has a coach and an assistant coach.

WCSNB has a concession stand that is open each Saturday during the season. We need at least 2 volunteers to help with that each hour during games.

Every player who needs a buddy gets one! A buddy stays with the player during the game and in the dugout- helping them when they need help, encouraging the player to do their best, and just being a friend. It's a great opportunity to form a relationship with someone you might not otherwise.

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What if I can't play baseball?

Good question! You know what? Not everyone who starts playing with WCSNB knows how to play baseball when they first begin. But, we have great coaches and buddies that will be right next to you, showing you exactly how to play the game!

My child is in a wheelchair, can she still play?

Of course! WCSNB isn't like traditional baseball. Our focus is on making sure everyone has a chance to hit the ball, as well as handle the ball while playing the field. Whether your child is mobile or needs assistance doesn't matter to us- we will get them to the ball one way or another!

My child is developmentally delayed and wouldn't understand the rules of the game. Should I still sign him up to play?

Yes! Like we said, WCSNB isn't like traditional baseball, and we don't have rigid rules while playing. Our number one priority is safety for the players, after that....well, just about anything goes! Our volunteers are amazing in helping our participants play the game to their individual maximum extent- we know that every player is an individual and we let them be themselves on the field as well as in the dugout.

How long does a season last?

We have a Spring and Fall season and each of these lasts for 8-10 weeks.

I've heard of Miracle League, is WCSNB similar to that?

Yes! Actually, we are a member of Miracle League and have been since 2012. We are the Miracle League of Wise County.

How old does my child have to be to play?

Our youngest players begin at 3 years old and as of Spring 2015, our oldest player is 71 years old!

Wise County Special Needs Baseball Mission...

to provide organized sports for individuals with challenges living in Wise County and surrounding areas in order to create an opportunity for both children and adults, to improve physical fitness and developmental delays.

Made2Thrive and Wise County Special Needs Baseball are in the process of raising funds to build our very own dream field! To learn more about this exciting aspect of WCSNB, click here.









Sponsor a Team or Donate to WCSNB

Made2Thrive strives to keep costs as low as possible for our participants. Currently, our season fees are $20 per player, which includes their team t-shirt, award, and end-of-season party. We also have scholarships available to families who have a need.

The low cost that we charge our participants doesn't actually pay for everything that we do during the season, so we have team sponsors to help cover the cost. As a team sponsor, your name will be on the back of the t-shirts, and you will receive an end-of-season award as a thank you for your sponsorship. We will also recognize you or your business throughout the season.

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