What do Volunteers in Made 2 Thrive do?

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If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, and at the same time, experience a difference in yourself, Made 2 Thrive is the place for you!


Testimonials from some of our volunteers...

"I love it because it helps everyone feel welcome and special. Many people don't have the opportunity to be a part of a team, so we offer that to them. I have heard participants state that this is their family."

                -Cassidee, volunteer

"Our program coordinates and supervises service for Wise County Juvenile Probation. For the last several years, we have supervised probationers during the games. It has always been such a positive experience for the probationers. They interact with community volunteers, adults and children with special needs and their families. Many times I have had kids say they were nervous prior to the [first time], then after state they really liked being here and want to come back to volunteer."

                -Kim, Director of Voices Youth and Family Services

"This is an organization my family and I have worked with for years to support kids and adults with special needs. There aren't a lot of options in the county for them and this provides fellowship, fun, and something that families of these special needs individuals can do that doesn't cost a lot of money. It provides much needed support and friendship. Really, everyone should be a part of this; if you have a disability, know someone that does, or just to volunteer."

                 - Michael, volunteer

Made 2 Thrive is one of those organizations where just about anyone can volunteer and make a difference.

We have families that volunteer together. We have retired individuals that make a difference through Made 2 Thrive. Students and singles can have a profound impact on the participants of

Made 2 Thrive.

If you have the desire within you to love and enjoy people and to accept them for who they are, you will be blessed beyond words by volunteering with Made 2 Thrive.

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